5 Most Expensive Spices



Priced at USD 6150

Saffron comes from the stigmas, or “threads”, of the Crocus flower. The stigma must be hand-picked. Fortunately, only a small amount is required to impart its flavor and color. Saffron is used in many sweets, sauce, and rice. It is largely cultivated in Iran, Spain, Italy, Morocco, India & Greece. For one kilogram of saffron, at least 1,50,000 flowers or an area of 1000 square meters.

Small pile of saffron isolated on white


Priced at approx USD 450

The pod of the climbing orchid is soft and sweet in nature. Vanilla is derived from Spanish word vaina which is translated to “little pod”. Madagascar vanilla is very popular. It accounts for 75 percent of the world market. Most of the Developing countries still use chemical based vanilla. It is long in shape, very thin and wrinkled in nature consists of many small seeds inside which give the flavor.



Price at approx USD 55

Black cardamom is also known as hill cardamon or Bengal Cardamon. Most of the people only know about Green Cardamon and very few know about black cardamon and its benefits. Warming spice with a smoky flavor. One of the main ingredient in garam masala. It is sold as seed as well as a pod.



Price at USD 40

Mace is another not so popular spice. It is the outer skin of nutmeg. Nutmeg is a fruit with a hard center which is nutmeg seed and skin covering the nutmeg is mace. The first harvest of nutmeg tree takes about 9 – 12 years after planting. Full production of the tree would reach after 25 years. It is used is small quantities in garam masala. At the same time is smoked for certain dishes.



Price at USD 23

Black Pepper and White Pepper are from the same pepper plant. There are different types of pepper different from each other basically on how they are processed. They are Green Pepper, White Pepper, Pick Pepper & Black Pepper. Now when the black pepper is ripe they are picked and sun-dried. Now for white pepper, the upper skin is removed after drying leaving only the inner seed.


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