What to look in your Superfood ?

What to look in your Superfood?

Naturally Grown


The advent of Corp science has led to many unnatural ways to growing food. Unnatural grown foods have myriads of effects to our body. Conventionally people believed that processed food is not good for health and unnaturally grown food rightly falls in this category.


Every part of the crop or plant can be used in a unique way.

This point seems to be self-explanatory. Make your food from the most important part of the plant were as every part of the crop is used in a unique way. Different regions have the different crop locally grown. Ideally, that corp should only be considered rather than looking for super food in other countries.

They bring diversity in your diet.

Diversity in food plays an essential role in nutrition absorption. Inefficiencies of one crop have managed the inefficiencies of other crop giving you a wholesome nutrition and diet management. Very much our forefathers have said too much of anything is not good.

Making a huge difference in sustainable lifestyle, help the local economy.

Superfood need not be very expensive. To be diversified and productive for indefinitely is to eat local super foods.  This would ensure sustainability in eating habits over a long period of time.


It’s a myth that only expensive food can be a super food and super food is a reach of rich people. The simple differentiating factor is that processed food is not healthy and naturally fresh grown local food is a superfood. Rest all the things fall in place automatically. Over a period of time advance marketing gimmicks have changed our belief to a very large extend and made us feel that processed food does no difference and it is equivalent to regular natural food. Perhaps, more importantly, this has been the reason for depriving ourselves of healthy natural food.

Next time any article tells you 50 Superfoods for Healthy life, 12 Superfoods you must have or Superfoods for life now you know how to filter and choose the right superfoods.


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  1. Sunitha Bannerje says:

    I was so wrong about super food this is an amazing article. Looking forward to more such article..

    1. admin says:

      Thankyou, that is so kind of you.

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