This Is What You Don’t Know About Dried Ginger

Dry Ginger Facts Every Women Must Know

Dry Ginger

Culinary Uses:

  1. Add dry ginger powder while making tea, it will enhance the flavor.
  2. Can be used in gravies curries,
    soup and stews.


Medicinal Uses:

  1. Anti-inflammatory

  2. Cures Chest pain

  3. Cures Common Cold

  4. Good For Weight Loss

  5. Cures Urinary Infections

  6. Reduces Nausea


Know About Storing:

  1. Keep Dry Ginger Powder in a Dried Cool Place Away From Sunlight.
  2. Use Air Tight Jars To Store.
  3. Don’t Use Wet Spoons Or Stirrer.
  4. Dry Ginger is Best Before Six Months from MFD




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