Difference between Refined and Unrefined Oil ?

Hey you are confused what is all the fuss about different kinds of oils.

Never ending discussion between refined and unrefined. Lets’ clear it today.

The process of making oil is very simple. The oil seeds are usually crushed  between the two jaws under high pressure and this releases the oil. Different seeds have different content of oil in them. Usually the most important element of seed lies in the oil. Any other process used other than crushing to extract the oil it is termed differently.

When the crushing happens at a very high-speed for higher maximization of resources such as machinery, manpower and other such resources the product is exposed to excessive heat which changes the quality of the oil by way of effecting its nutrients.

Unrefined Oil

Every-time the oil seeds are crushed it gives oil but the quantity and quality varies with every cycle. Lets for example take Olive oil there are various varieties as their name goes like this “Extra Virgin Olive Oil”, “Virgin Olive Oil”, “Pure Olive Oil”, “Refined Olive Oil”, “Olive Oil”, “Pomace Olive Oil”, “Lite Olive Oil”, & “Extra Light Olive Oil”. When the olives are crushed first time and the oil we get is Extra Virgin Olive oil and with every repeated cycle of crushing we get a new variety respectively last being extra light olive oil.

There is a notion that extra light olive oil is considered much better than the virgin olive oil. Vice versa extra virgin is anytime better than light.

Well, not always.

It majorly depends on the usage and the purpose of application.

Perhaps coming back to unrefined oil. Extraction process are again of two types Expeller pressed oil and Cold pressed oil.  Once the crushing is over the oil is filtered for any impurities.

Unrefined oil is minimal heat processed oil usually cold pressed.  That have not been bleached or deodorized after extraction.

In unrefined oil our preference is this oil.

Refined Oil

Crushing process for the refined is usually mechanical expeller system which introduces higher heat. Post that the oil is filtered. And then the oil deodorized and bleached.

This enhances the life of the oil. It also adds taste to the oil which is not like to taste natural. This is the reason that refined oil have more self life and are less expensive. Moreover the refined oil are heat stable.

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