Chia Seeds in Water Bottle


Yeah, the chia seeds which is known for its superfood qualities. Make energy drink from chia powder to hydrate you the whole day. Does this mean anything for an athlete?

You’d be surprised to know that people competing in triathlons and marathons use chia seeds as their source of strength, energy, and stamina. This group of runners would achieve unbelievable results even during high inclination.

Usually, when we work out in the morning we do not eat, but the body needs fuel and energy. Many have started experimenting by adding chia seeds along with lemon juice in their workout water bottle. And now it’s no more a luxury but an essential thing to keep the whole day going.


Chia Seeds & Waterbottle

Chia seeds in your workout water bottle or office water bottle both are great options. You should just soak two teaspoons of chia seeds overnight and then in the morning add if to your water bottle. Other way round add chia seeds in the water bottle and refrigerate your water bottle. This is a good option only those you are used to drinking cold water.

Coconut Chia Water

This is the best option for those who stay in tropical regions since summers are really hot and humid. Especially to beat the humidity as well as to stay hydrated the whole day this seems to be a very good option. Coconut also has the benefit of electrolytes.

Flavoured Chia Water

Many don’t appreciate plain water or on regular basis have flavored water. This could be a very well option from them too. Add a spoon full of overnight soaked chia seeds in the flavored water bottle and you are ready to keep sipping them before a heavy workout or even the whole day.

ACV + Lemon & Chia Seeds

This is often called as morning elixir. Two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, along with lemon to taste and overnight soaked chia seeds. This combination offer tons of health benefit.

Other Options Mint, Ginger, Lemon Peel, Lemongrass, Wheatgrass & Vanilla

The list goes on and it’s endless to which you can add chia seeds. It very seamlessly adds to your daily routine.

Come back here and tell us about the before-and-after. I bet you’ll have something to say!

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