How To Improve Memory For Studies

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A relaxed mind is the best form and state when

your mind observes more than the usual time.


  • Calm Environment:

    Select a better study place where you think your mind could not pay attention to other activities going around.

  • Teach What You Study:

    Try to teach what you have read or understood it may be your parents, friend or any other person whom you think can listen to you and ask a question for more clarification.

  • Give Rest To Your Mind:

    Take a break after a session of study don’t give your brain another act of remembering or storing any thing heavier than the learning subject you are up to.

  • Avoid Similar Subjects:

    If you are studying Science don’t mingle similar subject, give a gap and try doing maths or language it will direct your brain to retain different information separately.

  • Remember Main Uncommon Words:

    In an answer take a note of few hard words and understand the meaning For example PISTON don’t just go read the word understand that “piston is a disc or cylinder shaped object which moves very close to the tube front and back against liquid or gas in internal combustion engine”.

  • Say It Loud:

    There is nobody to listen, no problem read it once and understand and then say it loud as if you are explaining it to some one.

  • Healthy Diet:

    Add citrus fruit and Almonds to your diet, Don’t take Heavy Meals stay active.

  • Good Nap:

    The one small nap between every study will relax your mind. If you don’t give time for your mind to relax, then chances are that it may lose some of the stored data.

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