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zusk body coolant sabja seeds

It is as simple as you think depending on your


See gaining weight is probably due to the fat that body converts from the food you eat.

If some how you could understand that the body fat conversion of oil from the liquid form to solid.

For example, the coconut oil in room temperature is liquid while it becomes solid and opaque if brought down to lower temperature,

Therefore your body needs to convert fat from liquid form to solid,

this will happen only if your body has the cooling ability for the food your stomach digest.

You can add few spices or seeds which can provide or convert such body conditions.

Body Coolant

  1. Basil seeds
  2. Green Dotted Bananas
  3. Fresh ice creams (not frozen desserts)
  4. Bottle Guard or related watery Veg



And Last but not the least A GOOD SUCCESSFUL SLEEP.


Take Care


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