Legume Series: 10 Amazing Benefits of Healthy Black Eyed Peas

Know More About Black Eyed Peas/ Cow Peas


North African originated Black Eyed Peas also known as cow peas is a popular legume Oval shaped Peas with black on germinating point as a black eye. It got nutrients to prevent several ailments.


These beans make good salads and soup, It’s a good source of soluble fiber, contains potassium and magnesium.


cow pea

How to cook:



Soak it in hot water to reduce cooking time, strain the water rinse once in normal water and then pick a shallow pan to fill as much water as two times the peas. Place it on the stove bring it to boil when water starts boiling bring the flame to simmer. With Semi-closed lid allow steam to come out and cook it for an hour until tender.

How to make healthy salad:

Boil and make Black eyed peas ready

For 100 Grams of boiled peas:

  • Cut one medium onion into small dices.
  • One medium Red Tomato small dices.
  • One medium boiled potato peeled and cubed.
  • Green Chilly one medium sized fine chopped. (make as much spicy as you add).
  • Green Coriander two or three regular steam with leaf fine chopped.
  • One Lime wedge.
  • Roasted cumin powder one or two pinches (optional).
  • Brisk of extra virgin olive oil.
  • Salt as per taste.


cow peas

Stir all the ingredients together in a bowl add salt as per taste serve with mild soup.



Improves Digestion:

High fiber content is very useful to improve digestion, this dietary fiber absorbs extra fluids from the food making the digestive system tract clear.


Skin And Eye Health:

Vitamin A and C present in cow peas maintains and protects skin. Its high protein contents repair skin cells.


Lowers Blood Pressure:

It got potassium and other minerals which lead a healthy BP level.


Rich source of Antioxidant:

Free radicals may damage your healthy blood cells. Antioxidants cut down oxidized cholesterol which assembles on the artery and blocks artery causing heart attack, antioxidants neutralize and removes the free radicals from artery tract.


Prevents Anemia:

If Red blood cells in your blood have less amount of hemoglobin then you are anemic. Hemoglobin brings oxygen from lungs to the entire body and makes your blood red in color. These peas have got Folate which is a form folic acid vitamin B9. This required in the making of red blood cells.


Treats Diabetes:

The low Glycemic index as compared to other legumes these peas are good for people who are suffering from diabetic because it maintains sugar level in blood.

Delays Signs of aging:

Damaged skin cells due to free radicals are prevented because of the Vitamins C and A contents in the Black eyed peas. its nutrients repair skin cells which simultaneously avoid wrinkles, skin infections and promotes delay in aging.


Prevents Cancer:

As skin cells are prevented by the antioxidant contents in cowpeas, therefore, it removes harmful free radicals and helps in reducing the risk of cancer.


Balances Cholesterol:

Good content of protein and Soluble fibers present in cow peas reduces bad cholesterol level making heart healthy.


Helps in Weight Loss:

Black eye peas are low in fat and calories which are a dietary food which is digested slowly and leads to a full feel for a long time.


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